Monday, May 8, 2017

Murder 101 Collection – Double Feature from Mill Creek

Who Knew Solving Crimes Could Be So Much Fun?
After the tremendous success of the hit CBS series Diagnosis Murder, Dick Van Dyke and his son Barry reunite in these popular made-for-TV mysteries. 
Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses
Criminology professor Jonathan Maxwell is called upon to help when a prize racehorse is kidnapped. But the case turns deadly when a member of the family that owns the horse dies in a suspicious fire. What the case yields is a family embroiled in jealousy and greed. 
Murder 101: The Locked Room Mystery
Samuel is a spiritual "healer" with a large and influential following. But when he locks himself in a meditation chamber with four students, only to turn up dead with his students still deep in their meditative trance, it’s up to Professor Maxwell to figure out the why and how.

My Thoughts
Modern crime shows have nothing on this classic. Dick Van Dyke leads a stellar cast in Diagnosis Murder. Van Dyke plays Dr. Sloan. This MD always finds himself in the middle of a murder. Teaming up with him is Detective Steve Sloan, who is Van Dyke's son both on and off the screen, the two set out to solve all the murders in their seashore town. This set includes two full length episodes. In If Wishes were Horses, the owner of a race horse dies in a mysterious fire. Then, in The Locked Room Mystery, a spiritual leader dies while his students are in a trance.
This is a great story filled with intrigue,but also with minimal violence. Dr. Sloan works his way into every investigation and helps to catch the killer. I love this show because there are always hints dropped along the way, so you actually have a chance to solve the mystery yourself.  These  shows are like reading a mystery novel. And of course Dick van Dyke brings the screen to life with his outrageous personality.


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