Friday, May 19, 2017

May's "All About Mom" Aroma Box

May is the month of Beltane. During this time of year, the veils are thin and the fairies are close by. Since ancient times, it's been the season when love and romance flourish. The Aroma Box has selected a variety of oils this month that will encourage you to feel the love and smell the flowers. The theme is "All About Mom" for Mother's Day, but it also ties in perfectly with Beltane. All the oils this month have an flowery scent that will get you in get your in the mood for spring and help encourage feelings of love and attraction.  Here is a little about each item inside. 

Geranium - This oil has a pleasant, flowery scent. Its a stimulating blend that helps to improve your immune system and ease respiratory distress. Its also great for anyone
experiencing hormonal changes like PMS or menopause. 

Spanish Marjoram - This oil is sweeter than regular marjoram oil. It's great for your immune system and managing your blood pressure. It can also soothe your menstrual cycle.

Palmarosa  - This is another fresh, flowery oil. It can be used to ease the symptoms of colds and the flu, but also helps with fatigue and prevents wrinkles.

Aphrodite Roll-On- This blend can be used as an aphrodisiac which makes it perfect for Beltane, but it's also about honoring the Goddess in every woman. It increases confidence and supports hormonal balance. Plus, the scent is titillating.

This was another amazing box that helps set the stage for May and the spirit of Beltane. Each one of the blends in this package was a unique oil and a great addition to my collection.. I also love how Herb Stop includes so many great tips on how to use the oils and even some recipes. There were also some changes to the packaging this month which I definitely approve of. Less is more when it means less waste, especially when the quality isn't compromised.  Plus, the oils are always high quality, and never diluted.  The Aroma Box is  one of my favorite subscription boxes, and Herb Stop will definitely be my go-to company whenever any of my oils need to be replenished.

In addition to the Aroma Box, you can also order individual bottles of any of Herb Stop's high quality oils. They also offer teas, beauty products, seasonings, and so much more.  Plus, shipping is always free on orders over $100, so be sure to stock up on all your favorite blends before the winter sets in. To see all they have to offer, visit the Herb Stop on their website or follow them via their social media.

Discount Codes

Take 15% Off Your First Aroma Box with code NAM15. This code is valid through 10/31/16.


Use code ABMY17 to save 10% Off  any essential oils or roll-ons. 

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rochelle said...

Looking good love to try this

VickieC said...

I have heard they are very good for you,,love to try them

Mrs. Creager said...

I love anything that promotes natural ways to deal with health issues. Natural oils from plants is one great way! Thanks for the review!

CSeppala said...

I would love getting something like this in the mail on a regular basis. I've heard lots of great things about various oils and I would like to check them out.

slehan said...

I love essential oils and use them every day.

Question about your post: Take 15% Off Your First Aroma Box with code NAM15. This code is valid through 10/31/16.

Did it expire already?

Lauryn Rescoe said...

This sounds like a great aroma box, I love the theme! Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

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