Monday, May 8, 2017

Give your Feet a Break with Keysocks!

Mom jeans might have been cool back in the 80s, but most women today prefer current trends like skinny jeans worn with ballet flats, ankle boots or a cute low cut sneaker. The only problem with today's looks is that it is hard to wear socks with these shoe styles. Sure you can try the no-show footies, but after a few minutes of pushing a stroller or chasing kids around the playground they are bunched up around your toes and useless. Going bare foot in shoes can lead to sweat, blisters and general discomfort. But for once, looking stylish doesn't mean you have to suffer annoyance or pain. 

Keysocks are a new sock that covers the bottom of your foot, your heel and pulls up the leg so it won't slip off, with a keyhole cut out on the top of the foot so the sock remains invisible inside your shoe, just like a no-show footie but with more stability.

My Thoughts:

Keysocks are by far one of the coolest new trends in the fashion world. It is difficult to find the right socks with so many on the market, along with tons of brand new shoes and pants to fit them with. Some are far too big, too long, tight, itchy, and not snug enough. Finally creator Shelby McKee bestowed upon us a trail blazing design! Whether you want to rock those fancy flats or heels, or relax in your favorite moccasins, Keysocks has you covered. I got to try both the Barely There and the Classic Standard Light in black. Both were amazing, light weight and comfy!

The first version I tried was the Barely There. The color is a soft tan/nude and they are oh so soft! Being someone who loves to wear flats in the Spring and Summer, but can't stand blisters, these are going to be my new go to. They're made of 99% nylon, and 1% spandex. On the heel is an adorable embroidered key and a quote on the bottom of the Keysock that says "The Key to my Sole". They fit sizes 5-12. 

The other Keysock variety I tried was the Classic in black. These felt more reminiscent of a regular sock, but light enough to be worn in the Spring/Summer when you need some support on your feet during cooler days or nights. They had a nice knitted texture and were a bit longer than the Barely There. The material is 32% Cofee Charcoal, 48% Rayon, 18% Nylon, and 2% Spandex. As the packaging recommends, these socks should not be tumbled dried, bleached, or ironed. Hand washed separately only in warm water. These fit sizes 6-11 and calf sizes less than 17 inches in circumference.   

As you can see from the last picture, while wearing Keysocks they were able to mesh perfectly with any shoe! They were not bulky fitting nor did they slip. I love the feeling of them on my calfs and upper leg. It seemed to help with circulation. I tend to have foot cramps after being on my feet for long periods and found Keysocks to be perfect for helping me with that. I'd highly recommend them for yourself or a loved one!  

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