Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Zoonicorn

About Zoonicorn:

Zoonicorn began with an idea to create a unique, plush toy for children that would be a combination of an exotic animal (zebra) and mythical creature (unicorn). We also wanted to create a children’s book to go with the character which would be educational for kids and entertaining for adults.
We discussed our initial idea with many people and received a lot of positive feedback. After several revisions, we achieved the exact look and feel of our vision for Zoonicorn. That’s when our four characters were born.
People immediately fell in love with the concept.

Our Thoughts:

These sweet little stuffed animals are the perfect blend between a loved zebra and a unicorn! There are several colors to choose from, and each one has their own name. My three year old squealed with excitement when I gave her her very own to love. 

Each one has a very special lesson. For example we received Aliel for review, and she is fun to be around. Although she likes to talk a lot, loves to get dirty, and loses things, she is energetic and loves an adventure. 

The book is a nice size, and not so lengthy a small child loses interest. Brightly colored pages, keep even the interest of an adult (I enjoyed reading this to my daughter). The story we received was geared toward a very active bison who even dreamed about jumping and running. When she slept the zoonicorns came to play with her. 

This has become a new favorite, and a story I'm sure we'll utilize several times when getting ready for bed time. This is a great gift idea, and one I'm sure will be a huge hit!

Find Zoonicorns here or on their Facebook page and learn about their online games and stories as well as a fun app for your phones! 


Jackie said...

They are so cute and colorful. My daughters would have loved these when they were younger.

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