Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Reverie Farms Organic Soaps

It's that time of the year that sons and daughters hit the shops on the hunt for the perfect gift to demonstrate their appreciation for their moms. Family run business Reverie Farms has launched its latest fresh and aromatic scents of organic soap just in time for Mother's Day, putting an end to traipsing around the mall in search of that all-important present that says 'thank you'.
With a natural, organic ethos, Reverie Farms has the ideal product range for beauty conscious moms across the country. The huge collection of delicious smelling soaps are kind to skin, thanks to being free from harsh chemicals. With popular fragrances including Citrus Lavender for a bold, refreshing aroma and fresh Cleansing Lemon that's excellent for washing away dirt, there's a scent to suit every mother.

Embracing its natural ethos, all Reverie Farms soaps use only organic, biodegradable ingredients that are vegan friendly. Utilising essential oils, the whole range of soaps not only clean but moisture, freshen, and soothe too. It's not just bars of soap that Reverie Farms has on offer either. Combining the scented soaps with a natural sugar scrub or foaming hand soap from the brand could make a beautiful, organic gift set that's sure to delight moms up and down the country on May 14.
Based in Texas, the small, family business started out selling eggs to locals but quickly realised the demand for natural skincare products that could be created at Reverie Farms. After building up a following in the local area, the unique brand has now taken its products to a wider audience through the launch of its dedicated online store, much to the delight of beauty lovers in search of products with an ethical philosophy.
To find out more about Reverie Farms and the Mother's Day worthy products visit

My Thoughts

One of my favorite indulgences is handmade soap. There's something special about a fresh cut piece of handmade soap. They smell no nice, and leave your skin feeling so much cleaner than store bought brands. There's a new company I discovered recently that sells handmade, organic soaps in scents I love at a very reasonable price. That company is Reverie Farms. With Mother's Day only a few weeks away, what would make a better gift than the gift of indulgence?

For my review, I received a variety of soaps to try out and I was in love as soon as I opened the package.  They smell so amazing, and I love that they are made with only all natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils.  All of them come in generous portions that will last for at least a few weeks.  They leave your skin feeling soft and deep down clean. The scents that I tried included the Peppermint, which is a real eye opener in the morning.The other soap I sampled was lavender, which is a relaxing and fragrant variety  Each one was a nice treat for my skin and a delight for my other senses

These are only a few examples of the amazing soaps available at Reverie Farms. They have lots of scents to choose from, and they are all completely natural.  In addition to their soaps, you can also find foaming hand soap and laundry soap. If you live in the area, you can even pick up some fresh eggs or even a dwarf goat.  These wonderful soaps would be a great choice for Mother's Day or any special occasion.  Right now shipping is free on all orders over $65. Plus, you can get a free bar on orders over $36.  It's a great time to stock up on your favorite scents. To see all Reverie Farms has to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them on their social media.


Jackie said...

These soaps sound wonderful I would love to try some of them.

rochelle said...

Sounds good love to give them a try

Barb said...

Ooh that is neat That also carry liquid and soap. I find my family likes using hat type of product much more often now. I also like that they have laundry products available.

VickieC said...

i would love to try that lavendar soap

Lauryn Rescoe said...

These sound like amazing soaps, I love that they are organic and therefore great for sensitive skin. :)

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