Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - IllumiCraft from Educational Insights

This Valentine's Day, Educational Insights has some awesome gift ideas that are completely sugar free.   One of the things I always like to get my kids on this holiday is a fun craft, and Educational Insights has just what I was looking with their unique IllumiCraft designs. These are crafts that actually light up, which is cool in itself. However, the coolest part if that you make them glow by setting up the circuitry. 

We got to test out two of the IllimiCraft products.  The first was the diary. My two daughters worked together on this. My teen daughter handled the wiring while my younger daughter decorated it.  The circuitry part can be a little tricky, but once it's connected, it shines pretty brightly. Then you can go on to add stickers, color, and make the book a truly one-of-a kind journal. The set comes with everything you need including markers and decorative stickers. 

The second item we tried was the pencil case. This was a little more difficult. We had some trouble with the circuitry. Perhaps because it's not a flat service like the journal, so it was harder to make a connection. We tried for a while but eventually had to give up on getting it to light up. My daughter still had fun decorating the case, and she loves having the matching set.

In addition to being fun crafts, IllumiCraft also offers several other advantages. It introduces  kids to  basic circuitry and engineering, and gets them to think and be creative. Then, once the crafting is done, they can actually use these items for more than just a keepsake. The book is a cute journal perfect for writing down your thoughts, and the pencil case comes in handy for storing  all your favorite craft supplies 

These are only a few examples of the crafts and educational games you can find at Educational Insights for both family and classroom use. This awesome company has been providing us with the best in educational games for years. Make sure you thank them by visiting their face book fan page and becoming a fan. Also check out some of their other amazing Valentine's Day Gift ideas for kids of all ages.