Tuesday, February 14, 2017

US Organic Essential Oils

I use essential oils for just about everything including homeopathic healing, beauty products, cleaning, so much more. It's like an all-natural cure all. The only problem is that oils are normally super expensive. So I was really excited to find US Organic. They offer a wide range of essential oils that are made with certified organic ingredients.  Their 7 essential oil collection, which includes some of the most widely used oils, is available for less than $50. Each of these oils have many uses and benefits. I am going to share a few of my  personal favorites uses for each one.

 Lavender Oil

1) Dab a little on cuts to help it heal faster and prevent infection.
2) Add a few drops to your laundry cycle and your sheets will spell like a dream.
3) Use to treat skin conditions like eczema
4) Diffuse to help with respiratory disorders 
5) Add a few drops to your hair to keep it shiny and healthy

 Peppermint Oil

1) Add a few drops to your skin or use in difusser to combat nausea .
2) A few drops on your forehead can relieve headaches
3) Blend with lavender in your tub for a stress-relieving bath
4) Scare away ants by leaving a few cotton balls
 soaked in peppermint
5) Add a few drops to water and swish for fresher breath. 

Tea Tree

1) Relives Itching
2) Gargle with a few drops to sooth a sore throat
3) Help treat or prevent acne
4) Diffuse to ease congestion
5) Soothe earaches


1) Helps with digestion
2) Helps Treat Toenail Fungus
3) Great for Massage
4) Tones the Skin
5) Helps Arthritis Pain


1) Deters Insects
2) Heals insect bites
3) Prevents Cold
4) Natural Detoxifier
5) Helps with Fluid Retention

Orange Oil

1) Helps with Depression
2) Can be Used as Antiseptic
3) Removes Stains on Tile
4) Anti-Inflammatory Aid
5) Great to add to skincare products


1) Helps heal wounds
2) Offers Anti-Aging Benefits
3) Reduces Stress
4) Helps fade scars
5) Improves Immune System

Each bottle in the set contains a full .33 fl oz. I worried that such a large bottle might be diluted, but I have no doubt these oils are full strength. They have a beautiful aroma, and work perfectly in all my recipes.

If you like to mix your oils, US Organic also has some great carrier oils including rosehip, argan, and jojoba. These all work great for diluting stronger oils to make them safe to apply to the skin, but they have lots of other uses as well. They can be used as a moisturizer.  I was a little worried it would leave my skin feeling greasy, but the oil rubs in evenly, leaving behind only softness and no oily residue. They also work wonders on scars. I don't have stretch marks myself, but you can also use these oils both to prevent and to treat them. If that's not enough, a little on your hair can add luster and shine and applying them to your nails will strengthen them so they an grow long and healthy.

With the affordable prices at US Organic, it's easy to take advantage of these applications for essential and many more. Be sure to visit them on on their website  to pick up a few bottles for yourself or follow them via their social media.