Monday, February 13, 2017

Kaliana Answers: What Does Your E-type Reveal About Health and Personality?

Kaliana Emotional Care® announced they recently released a fun method to help people understand and alleviate stressful emotions. This process begins with a simple 30-second test that can be taken from the privacy and convenience of your home. Did you know that your personality and emotions are directly linked? This link is known as Emotional Type (E-type). Understanding this connection helps reveal what your increased health risks may be, which types of exercise may benefit you most, as well as potential foods and supplements that may be the most supportive for you.

E-type puts major emotional stressors at its core, showing how your specific emotions tend to impact your relationships, decision making, personality, health, and work environment. It also offers insight into the way you may deal with everyday challenges and the best way to handle the emotional stress. As science continues to reveal more links between emotions and disease, understanding your E-type may help you make choices that reduce the risk of certain major health conditions.

Visit the What’s your E-type? page to begin the test wherein you’ll be prompted to choose from various shapes and colors. Studies show colors and images connect better with emotions than words. The colors and images were intentionally designed and selected to help guide you to your E-type. Choosing an image bypasses the conscious mind and taps into your emotional subconscious, revealing which emotions are having the biggest impact on your psyche, such as: anxiety, grief, trauma, mood swings, self-esteem, or health issues.

The test was designed to be so simple that even children can do it. By pointing to their favorite images in the test, young children can communicate their emotional needs to a parent, pediatrician, or occupational therapist. Using this process, a 2008 pilot study involving occupational therapists and children with special needs revealed that 71% of parents said their child was happier, calmer (emotionally), slept better, and had less temperamental outbursts when using the products daily.

Upon selecting your favorite color or image, you’ll arrive to the E-type page that best describes your personality, highlights your most likely challenges, and offers Emotional Care® product recommendations curated for your E-type. It is possible for your E-type to temporarily or even permanently shift due to life changes, traumatic events, or even aging.

Kaliana Emotional Care is custom designed for your E-type. The products are the most sophisticated blends on the market, containing up to 243 Vibra-nutrients™ and 14 pure essential oils. Each formula uses all-natural and vegan ingredients that science has found to best physically and emotionally support you. It is recommended to use Emotional Care® as a part of your daily routine to help stabilize emotions, strengthen your immune system, and reap long-term health benefits.

About Kaliana: 
Kaliana has been studying natural healing for over 40 years, is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist and the Founder of Natural Emotional Care®. She has authored 4 books, teaches certification courses for CEs and is a professional speaker. Kaliana developed affordable Emotional Care® products to help adults and children naturally manage stressful emotions. Kaliana Emotional Care products are available online at, from practitioners and therapists, and in health food stores across the United States.