Friday, February 10, 2017

Elena And The Secret Of Avalor Goodies

Synopsis: See how it all began, and discover the secret behind the legend of Disney’s new Crown Princess!  Frozen in time and trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor for over forty years, Elena has finally found the one, brave princess who can set her free: Sofia of Enchancia!  With help from magical flying Jaquins, spirit animal Zuzo, and young wizard-in-training Mateo, Princess Elena must unite her people and battle the evil sorceress Shuriki (voiced by the legendary Jane Fonda) to reclaim her throne. Experience adventure beyond your wildest dreams with the spectacular story of Elena and the Secret of Avalor!

The release of this amazing DVD comes with a few perks. Brand new Elena toys and accessories are  available too, and they would make a great Valentine's Day or Easter gift for any mini princess in training. 

Tiara-This tiara is a lot sturdier than other toy tiaras. The band is metal, so it won't snap. The combs help hold it in place in their hair. The jewels shimmer and shine, and best of all, it's an exact replica of Elena's crown. 

Scepter- This Scepter is so cool. It works both by pressing the buttons and with motion detection. It lights up, and even sings one of Elena's songs.

Umbrella- We're looking forward to walking to the bus stop in the rain now! This umbrella is just beautiful. It has pictures of Elena and a sequin trim.

Lunch Box- This lunch box has lots of space for our favorite snacks, and it's super easy to clean. My daughter will never complain about healthy home-made lunches again.

With all these goodies, it's easy to celebrate the release of the DVD. Now our favorite show is available anytime we want to see it, and we have all the gear we need to bring the magic to life in our own home.