Saturday, February 11, 2017

DVD Review: The Level, Series 1

Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin (Karla Crome, Under the Dome, Prisoners’ Wives) is a good cop with a dark secret: she’s loyal to drug trafficker Frank Le Saux (Philip Glenister, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes), who is like a father to her. But when their clandestine meeting turns violent, leaving Frank dead and Nancy with a bullet wound, Nancy fears her double life may soon be exposed.

Assigned to Brighton to investigate the crime, Nancy must track down Frank’s killer while concealing her role—and her injury—from her enigmatic new partner, DS Gunner Martin (Noel Clarke, Star Trek Into Darkness), and her old friend, DS Kevin O’Dowd (Robert James-Collier, Downton Abbey). Can Nancy stay one step ahead of her colleagues—and the killer?

Featuring “a great cast and a twist-filled plot” (London Evening Standard, UK), The Level also stars Joe Absolom (Doc Martin), Amanda Burton (The Commander), Lindsey Coulson (EastEnders), Laura Haddock (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Gary Lewis (Outlander).

My Thoughts

The Level is a crime show about a women detective named Nancy Devlin. She really wants to do a good job and fight crime, but her past ties her to drug dealer who helped raise her. When Frank the crime lord is killed, she's assigned to the crime. She needs to solve it without letting anyone know that she was actually there when it happened. The series includes six episodes:

1- Nancy accepts an award before heading off to a meeting with the drug trafficker who raised her. Before the meeting ends, Frank winds up dead

2- Nancy is trying to hide the fact that she was involved with the crime from her co-workers. When she makes a TV appearance calling for witnesses, it's seen by someone who knows her and her connection to Frank

3- Another victim is killed with the same gun that killed Frank. When a mole in the police department is suspected, Gunner is the one who falls under suspicion.

4- A missing person may be tied to the case. Devlin goes under cover, and tempers flare with the other officers.

5- Devlin is suspended,but it doesn't stop her from continuing her search for the killer. The season ends with a shocker that leaves things up in the air for Season 2.

I really enjoyed this show, especially getting to see Gary Lewis from Outlander which is one of my favorite shows. I feel like this is a crime show with a little bit of a twist on all the others because the cop has a shady past she's trying to overcome. There is lots of action and surprises along the way. If you'd like to grab a copy of this amazing DVD set, you can find it online at Acorn Media or on Amazon.


Laura said...

Sounds very interesting! I haven't watched this one yet.

VickieC said...

I must really be behind the times,,ive never even heard of this before

Edye Nicole said...

I've never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing.


Maryann D. said...

My husband enjoys watching Crime shows. I bet he would like this one.
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Julie Waldron said...

I've never heard of this but it looks good and suspenseful.

Lauryn Rescoe said...

I've never heard of this show! It defintely sounds interesting, thanks for sharing!

slehan said...

Looks like an interesting show. Thanks for the info.

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