Monday, January 23, 2017

Zen Dreams (Pads of Color)

Take your coloring along wherever you go! This uniquely formatted adult coloring book resembles a notepad in shape and size, and lets you do your coloring at home or on the go. Perfect for those moments when you just need a break or crave a moment of inspiration. In Zen Dreams you will let your creativity run free with these enchanting Zen designs. Color, relax, and recharge as you create decorative art to share and enjoy. Each book in the Pads of Color series features an attractive foil cover, while inside, there are 80 pages of one-sided illustrations, so there is no ink bleeding through and ruining your next design. Each completed piece makes a wonderful gift.

My Thoughts

I have a whole collection of adult coloring books, but I think this is my favorite book from Barron's so far. This book has a beautiful Zen theme, and the pictures include illustrations of Buddha, dragons, lotus flowers, and so much more. Coloring is always a relaxing treat, but this book's stunning designs are a magical experience as soon as you turn the page. My daughter and I usually spend at least a few hours a week creating these masterpieces. Even though she's only seven, she really enjoyed the challenge of coloring in the adult books. These pictures are very detailed and you can really create something magical with them, After you're finished coloring, they also make great focal points for mediation as well.

If you haven't jumped on board the adult coloring bandwagon yet, this would be a great book to start with. With Zen imagery suitable for framing, you're getting more than just coloring book. You're getting a little big of zen magic.