Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Stay Cool During Your Workouts with Cool Besty Cooling Towels - #DiscountCode

This Cooling Towel Is Great To Use All Sports/Exercising & Outdoor Activities
Cool Besty Chilly Pad Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel and This Will Be Your ♥Coolest Friend Ever♥
What’s the instant cooling towel made of ? 
- The cornerstone of the Cooling Towel that sets it apart from any other towel in the world is that is constructed using PVA chamois material, wheat starch, and cotton mesh. It is this design and integration of materials that produces the best drying, most effective cooling, and most innovative towel in years.

When you are out at the beach, a pool, or just relaxing in the backyard, you may rely on a towel to help dry you off,Ideal for HOT FLASHES/FEVER and for pregnancy

♥Rinse 2-3 times before first use. 
♥Please Note Towel hardens when dry.Just Add Water to Reactivate.Rinse after each use.
♥Reusable and when you store let it dry and put in tube.Soak before handling again.
♥Helps to keep you cool, up to 25-30 degrees cooler than other traditional towels.
♥Durable and machine washable.
♥Soft and smooth feeling.
100% Satisfaction & LIFE TIME WARRANTY! or Money Back

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VickieC said...

how cute,that would be great to have for many different reasons

Dorothy said...

These towels sound awesome! and definitely could use something to help me stay cool during my work outs..

Edye Nicole said...

These look so cool! I've never heard of them before.


momo said...

These different sized towels would be perfect for my husband to use at work during the hot summer months.

Blogger said...

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Laura said...

I like that these are reusable! How cool!

Lauryn Rescoe said...

These cooling towels sound amazing!! I LOVE that they are reusable! :)

Anonymous said...

This would be great when it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Even during that time I hike and bike Rosanne