Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bring Home a Little Magic with the MermaidBox Subscription - #Discount Code

There are a lot of subscription boxes out there, but for lovers of all things magical and mystical, the MermaidBox is a truly unique experience. Each month, they bring you a selection of delightful mermaid-inspired merchandise with the occasional unicorn thrown in. My daughter is a huge mermaid fan, so I knew she'd love this box. We got to take a peak into the holiday box. Here is a look at everything that was inside.

Beaded Bracelet - This lovely beaded bracelet is just how I imagine a mermaid fin would look. The beads are the blue and green like the colors of the ocean and they glitter in the sunlight.

Handmade Mermaid Earrings - These adorable earrings feature a red-haired mermaid and are handmade by Gina Carrasco. They are sturdy and well made, but won't weigh down your ears.

Ariel Holiday Dazzler- This pretty decoration features Disney's Little Mermaid in a beautiful holiday ball gown. Flip the switch on the bottom to see the snowflakes around her light up.

Pusheen - This was my daughter's favorite piece. Who doesn't love the sweet little Pusheen kitty cat? She's even better with a with a unicorn horn and rainbow hair.

Lolita Mermaid Glass- Each one of these glasses is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The detail on them is simply amazing. Sipping my drink from this glass reminds me that warmer days and a splash in the ocean aren't that far into the future.

This is a great box for lovers of fantasy. What I especially enjoyed about this subscription is that there was something for all the girls in the house. My seven-year-old loved the Pusheen. My teen daughter snagged the earrings and bracelet, and I just love the glass. It's pretty amazing how many mermaid themed items they can actually come up with. Even the presentation is lovely. I also love how everything came in a pretty box or bag.

If you want to check out the MermaidBox for yourself, you can grab one for only $39 a month. Right now,  you can get $5 off a Mermaidbox Subscription with VIP code MERMAID.  Plus, they donate 10% of their profits to charities like WWF & St. Jude. So these boxes bring a little magic into your life and into the lives of children in need. Grab a box today and see what the buzz is all about.