Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Quiet Man

Sean Thornton (John Wayne, Sands of Iwo Jima), an American boxer with a tragic past, returns to the Irish town of his youth. There, he purchases his childhood home and falls in love with the fiery local lass, Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O Hara, Rio Grande). But Kate's insistence that Sean conduct his courtship in a proper Irish manner with matchmaker Michaleen Oge Flynn (Barry Fitzgerald, Going My Way) along for the ride as chaperone is but one obstacle to their future together; the other is her brother, Red Danaher (Victor McLaglen, Rio Grande), who spitefully refuses to give his consent to their marriage, or to honor the tradition of paying a dowry to the husband. Sean couldn't care less about dowries or any other tradition that might stand in the way of his happiness. But when Mary Kate accuses him of being a coward, Sean is finally ready to take matters into his own hands. The Quiet Man would go on to win two Academy Awards in 1953, including Best Director (John Ford) and Best Cinematography and received five more nominations including Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (McLaglen)."

My Thoughts

I love watching old films. They make me feel like I get to step back in time to when things were simpler. Then Quiet Man stars legend John Wayne  alongside Maureen O'Hara and Barry Fitzgerald.  The story revolves around an American boxer . After facing tragedy, he returns to his hometown and buys his old house.  He falls in love with a spunky Irish lass who will only see him if they have a traditional chaperone. Though he tries to follow all the rules, her brother still won't give them his blessing. Can he win both her love and her family's approval?

This a such a sweet romance and a nice change from the type of love stories made today. It's sweet and innocent, but still has an interesting story-line and conflicts. You can grab a copy of this wonderful film online on Amazon. It is available in both blu-ray and DVD format.


Richard Brandt said...

This is my absolute favorite movie of all time. Sean shows up with absolutely no clue about the minefield of local traditions he'll have to navigate! I like how they made his past a mystery - with clues aplenty.

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