Friday, December 30, 2016

Odd Squad: The Movie

When a rival agency called Weird Team arrives with a gadget that fixes any odd problem, Odd Squad doesn t have any cases to solve and goes out of business forcing the agents to go back to their lives as regular kids! After using math and teamwork to uncover that Weird Team's gadget isn't actually fixing problems, Olympia and Otis join forces with Olive and Otto to stop Weird Team and save the world from destruction!

My Thoughts

The Odd Squad is a cute series about a team of junior detectives who love to solve off the wall cases.  Along the way, they sing songs, dance, and help kids develop their math skills. Now they've come out with their very own full length  movie. Join the squad as they meet a rival team called the Weird Team. There rivals have a special machine that solves all the problems, leaving the Odd Squad with nothing to do.  Them they learn. it's really all a hoax. Can the squad prove it and get back on top of their game?

This is a really fun film. Just like the series, it always teaches some interesting facts..  Overall, my children really enjoyed the movie. It can be a little corny at times, but it's definitely a fun and educational program for younger children.