Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Relax At Home Bamboo Pillow

The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep
BAMBOO Line of Pillows
Pillows to Meet Your Individual Sleeping Needs
Nothing relieves the stress of the holiday season like a good night’s sleep. That’s why BAMBOO Pillows from Relax Home Life will make the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Why BAMBOO Pillows?
·         These pillows are made with Breathable Bamboo Fabric so you won’t wake up in a sweat.
·         Every pillow Molds and Aligns to any sleep style including sleeping on your stomach, back or side.
·         These pillows can Provide Relief from issues with snoring, insomnia, migraines, neck and back pain, allergies and TMJ.
·         BAMBOO Pillows Are Machine Washable.
·         5 Year Never-Goes-Flat Warranty

New Age Mama readers are being offered an exclusive discount. Just click on this link to get a  15% discount automatically applied to your order Bamboo Pillow with Shredded Down Alternative and Stay Cool Covers are available for $31.97

My Thoughts

The older I get, the harder it is to get a good night's sleep.   I often wake up with a stiff neck or sore back, making it impossible to sleep in no matter how much I might like to. Thankfully, the 
 Relax At Home Bamboo Pillow changed all that. This amazing pillow molds to your body and even helps to keep you cool, allowing you to get a great night's sleep very night. As an added bonus, bamboo is a wonderful, all-natural material.

The  Relax At Home Bamboo Pillow was designed  to provide superior comfort. As you sleep, your neck and head are completely supported. It almost feels like the pillow is molding to your body,  allowing your muscles to fully relax.  Relax At Home Bamboo Pillows are never too firm or too soft, and they keep their shape no matter how much you toss and turn. The pillow is washable, and guaranteed to stay firm for at least five years. These pillows are a high quality, luxurious treat, and they are available for an affordable price!

 Relax At Home Bamboo Pillow makes you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Ever since I starting using this pillow, I have been getting a lot more rest, which makes for a more productive day and a more patient mama. I'm very happy with it. If you'd like to learn more about the  Relax At Home Bamboo Pillow be sure to visit their website 


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