Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Discount Reading Glasses

In 2006, Randy and Angie Stocklin started a home business in Greenwood, Indiana, selling eyewear. Evolving into the company it is today, Angie and her Merchandising Team personally hand-pick over 600 unique styles of readers with up to 14 power options, and powers hard-to-find at other stores. Through the years their focus remains the same: provide great value, unbeatable selection, and personalized service to make their customers happy. offers a variety of lens types as well as frame styles, shapes, & sizes to choose from.  They have selections for both men and women, and accessories too!

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Free shipping on U.S. orders over $30.

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Our Thoughts

As I get older, my close-range vision has begun to change and I've found myself needing readers, or as we call them here: cheaters. I'm still okay for close up if I'm wearing my glasses or going without, but when I have my contacts in, I just can't see up close with too much clarity anymore.

I chose The Duvall for review. The Duvall has clean lines for a classic look - I chose brown/purple for my color selection.  The front is brown and the sides are purple. 

While I don't yet need readers for book reading during the bright daylight hours, during the evening low-light hours they make reading is a bit easier on the eyes for me.  The only downside I've noticed from The Duvall is that the purple on the sides leaves a slight purple residue on my skin, so I think over time it's possible the color will wear away.

"You don't need to read, Mom, you need to pet me!"
I do use readers quite often now when sewing (I run an online shop for the things I sew), especially when using a seam ripper, sewing by hand, or where I want to be *extra* careful that everything is done *exactly right*. 

A fun little hobby for me is making my own jewelry and some of those little jump rings are sooo tiny!!  And the beads! And the tiny holes in the beads!  I've been having a hard time focusing on the really small stuff but the readers make things so much easier.  I'm tempted to get a higher powered pair especially for jewelry making.

I also like to hike and go mushroom hunting, and sometimes the tiny details really need to be studied to ensure you're picking the right mushrooms. I'll be keeping a pair in my backpack. readers are backed by their Happiness Guarantee, which means if you are not 100% happy with your reading glasses they will take them back - guaranteed.

Overall, I'm very happy with the quality of the readers from and would like to purchase future pairs! 


Dorothy said...

I love the designer glasses without having to pay for designer prices,

Amy Silvey said...

I love how nice these glasses are without the expensive prices. @amybryant317

alissa apel said...

I know I'll need reader glasses soon. I'm on the computer all day and I'm 40.

rochelle said...

Lovely glasses i need a new pair

Desiree DeYoung said...

Good to have eyeglass variety!!!^_^

Patty Wise said...

Nice looking ones to choose from, I like them a lot !!!

Edye Nicole said...

These glasses are so nice looking!

Brandi Dawn said...

These are cute. I think you are right, the color residue will probably wear away. I wonder if you swab it with rubbing alcohol or finger nail polish remover it might speed up the process.

Kelly OMalley said...

Really cute glasses. I don't currently use readers, but probably should. I have poor eyesight and my eyes get really fatigued when I read a lot. I bet these would help make my eyes feel better.

susan1215 said...

Nice glasses. I just recently started wearing readers and I'm still looking for the perfect pair.

1AlwaysNYC 1 said...

I wish this had been around the first time I needed to get reading glasses! I'm sure I would have paid much less!

tiffany dayton said...

My mother likes the Readers. She has several pair.

Lauryn Rescoe said...

I love all of the styles that they carry! My dad uses readers to read, they are very handy to have around! :)

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