Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review: Skuze Ultimate Lightweight Comfort Footwear

Sküze (, a new brand of premium lifestyle footwear, announced the launch of its inaugural shoe line for men and women. The emerging premium casual footwear brand distinguishes itself with its signature “ultimate lightweight comfort” Sküze footwear features several key technologies that work together to provide its uniquely comfortable fit, support, and durability:

  • Ultralight construction - weighing only 5.5 or 6.3 ounces (half the weight of most running shoes).
  • Sküzeprene - perforated lightweight material that’s snug, yet breathable; conforming to the contours of the foot to provide natural-fitting comfort.
  • Smooth stretch opening - conveniently slip on/off quickly and easily while maintaining a secure fit on the foot.
  • Adjustable bungee lacing system - no-tie elastic laces for quickly customizing the shoe’s fit. Lace-free design also available.
  • Memory shock absorption - impact protection that adjusts to the foot’s pressure points while minimizing friction, heat and sweat.
  • Ortholite anti-odor foot beds - ergonomically molded, open cell PU foam embedded with carbon particles that fight odor-causing bacteria.
  • Dual traction design - EVA injected outsole with forward and reverse tread that grips the ground to provide a stable, slip-resistant stride.
“Three years ago we set out to create the most comfortable casual shoe ever made,” Ted Alflen, CEO at Sküze, states. “We invested countless hours developing, testing, and enhancing every aspect of the shoe’s design. From its materials and construction to its mechanics and ergonomics, we scrutinized every detail to create shoes with superior quality and craftsmanship. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Sküze as a lifestyle shoe brand that lives up to our vision, delivering unparalleled comfort and support for tackling life’s everyday challenges.”

Sküze’s inaugural shoe line features two attractive unisex models, including the Miami and the Venice. Inspired by the “Magic City,” the Miami combines style, form and function. The shoe’s adjustable bungee lacing system and reinforced toe and heel lend aesthetic accents and added support.

Meanwhile, the Venice’s seamless, lace-free design offers a minimalistic look perfect for complementing any casual outfit. The curb appeal of this unpretentious slip-on packs more than meets the eye. With its casual elegance and unsuspecting state-of-the-art comfort, the Venice truly looks as great as it feels. Available in an assortment of color combinations for both men and women, Sküze offers a range of styles to choose from.

Sküze was selected to launch on Amazon Exclusives (, a program Amazon launched last year to provide customers with exclusive access to innovative products. Participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon network, Sküze shoes are eligible for free two-day shipping to Prime members in the U.S. In addition, Sküze shoes are also available for purchase online at

For more information or to purchase Sküze shoes, visit

About Sküze
Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Sküze designs, develops, and markets premium lifestyle footwear for men and women throughout the U.S. Born from a desire to develop the most comfortable casual shoe ever made, Sküze is redefining premium, lifestyle footwear.

Sküze shoes are now available for purchase online at the Amazon Exclusive store ( and at For additional information, visit, like Sküze on Facebook ( or follow Sküze on Instagram (

Our Thoughts
It's like Sküze took the comfort of your favorite pair of bedroom slippers and paired with them with the support and soles of your favorite shoes.  These have become my FAVORITE shoes to wear!  I love the ease of slipping them on and off.  And they're comfy enough to wear all day - while they're not going to keep your feet warm outside on a Minnesota winter day, they will keep your feet comfy warm inside the house, not sacrificing any comfort.

Sküze sent me a pair of the Venice in black and I've been wearing them almost every single day since they arrived (except for the wedding I attended). They are comfy and breathable and have a nice casual look. Pair them with jeans, or your favorite yoga pants (not so much with the dressy wedding wear LOL).

Most house slippers with soles have some of the crappiest soles on the planet - they either separate from the slipper because they're cheaply made, wear out because they are so thin, or crack because they're not very flexible.  Granted Sküze aren't exactly meant for the lifestyle of a house slipper - but they are comfy enough to be worn as such!  Except better - because the soles are So. Much. Better. !!!!

Sküze soles have this backwards/forwards tread for better traction.  This morning I wore them out in the freezing rain (gotta love Minnesota in November!) while I ran errands; not everything was ice covered but there was fresh sleet on the ground and I didn't slide around at all.  I don't know how they'll perform on glare ice, but those days are coming.

The fit: I have average-width feet, and these are a fairly snug fit.  The very first time I put them on, they fit pretty close to the ends of my toes.  I wear a 7 to a 7.5 depending on the shoe brand, and these are a 7.5.  The Sküzeprene does conform to the shape of your foot, and after a day or so the closeness to the tips of my toes wasn't an issue anymore.

Width-wise, they are snug enough to be completely comfortable, but for a more athletic endeavor where I need the shoes to be a bit tighter I'll still wear my favorite sneakers. The problem with my sneakers is after wearing them all day, the tops of my feet begin to ache from having them laced as snug - loosen the laces, and then the shoe slips around a bit.

I find I'm actually more productive during the day if I'm wearing a pair of shoes with good traction - they encourage me to move faster.   Sküze shoes are definitely a 5-star shoe for me!