Friday, November 11, 2016

Paint Colors that Work in Any Home

Paint colors set the background and design stage in every room. From major living spaces to tiny bathrooms, the color of your walls has a big impact on style. There are thousands of paint colors to choose from, but there are favorites that work in any style interior. When getting home renovation quotes, include your choice of paint colors. 


Although white seems like a basic color, there are actually hundreds of different shades of white. From bright whites, to creamy whites, to whites tinted with all the primary colors, your choices of white are endless. White paint offers a lot of advantages for interiors. It can be used in modern, traditional and eclectic spaces with success. Whether you prefer the look of Danish Modern or Old English, white paint makes a perfect palette. White also provides a clean, neutral backdrop for furniture styles, woods, upholstery, carpet, artwork, and decorative accessories. 

Cream and Taupe

Creamy colored paints are typically tinted with various shades of yellow. Taupe colored paints typically contain more brown undertones. Both provide neutral palettes that are easy to work around with interior furnishings and accessories. In comparison to whites, cream and taupe paints create a softer ambiance. They reflect less light that bright whites, so other colors in the room seem slightly more muted, even when they're not. Cream and taupe shades are great with transitional and traditional style interiors because they create a warmer room that most whites. They work well with any style interior and create an easy backdrop for any style of furnishings and accessories.


Blue may be a controversial color for some homeowners, but it shouldn't be. It's just a matter of choosing the right shade of blue for the desired design effects. Like other paint colors, there are hundreds of different shades of blue. Deep blues, like navy and cobalt, are great for making a dramatic design statement. Medium shades of blue provide impact without overpowering the room. Soft shades of blue, like azure and sky, create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Blue is a familiar color for most people that invokes a sense of character and serenity. If you're painting with blue, choose a shade that reflects your interior style and enhances the furnishings and accessories in the room. 


Like blue, green comes in hundreds of shades from light to dark. Light, subtle shades like mint and celery create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere, while darker shaded like emerald and olive create impact and drama. For most people, green is a color that invokes comfort and familiarity since it's so prevalent in nature. Whatever your style, green paint can create a room where you'll love to spend time. You can design a serene bedroom with mint green, a dramatic dining room with emerald green, or a cozy family room with shades of celery and olive green.


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