Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Limited-Edition Cruelty-Free ECOS Dishmate Winterpine Scent

At Earth Friendly Products, they love everything about the holiday season: the sounds of the season, the food and festivities, and most of all, making memories with family. To welcome in the happiest time of year, they launched a new seasonal cruelty-free ECOS™ Dishmate™ dish soap scent in Winterpine. This scent will remind you of walking through the woods with your family to find the perfect holiday tree. Fill your kitchen with warm memories while you make new ones this holiday season.

My Thoughts

The ECOS Dishmate Winterpine Scent dish soap is a wonderful way to get in the  mood for the holidays, even when you're doing the dishes. I was impressed with the light fresh scent. It's refreshing without being overpowering. It also works great on all types of dishes. Glasses come out shiny and spot free. Dried on grime just rinses away with barely any scrubbing. Even tough set in stains are no problem for this powerful formula. Yet, it's still gentle on your skin.

No one likes to wash dishes, but if you have to do it, at least you can enjoy the wonderful scent of Winterpine. Also, with ECOS you get the benefit of knowing that it's a natural option that is also cruelty free.