Saturday, November 26, 2016

Layers of Caramel & GF Cookie Holiday Magic

The holiday cookie season is right around the corner and the gooey caramel-filled Swoffle has three layers of deliciousness you have to try. Based on the classic Dutch Stroopwafel, the Swoffle is made of two thin waffles with a caramel filling. The layers make it fun to eat and a multi-textured flavor sensation.

·      Swoffles are Gluten-Free but tastes even richer and more delicious than cookies with gluten . They are also soy and nut free and made with 95% organic ingredients
·      Enjoy with a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate and the caramel melts in all kinds of fun ways
·      Individually wrapped, they make great stocking stuffers and travel well in a purse or backpack
·      Two Flavors: Original Caramel  & French Vanilla
·      Feel Good Mission: Every Swoffle box purchased will provide a free meal to those in need. Swoffle currently donates over 1,500 meals to food banks each month
·      Order Swoffles online nationwide with free shipping!

My Thoughts 

Looking for a unique and tasty stocking stuffer? It's a cookie, but its more than that. It had all the texture and flavor of a waffle, with a creamy, sweet interior. Choose from french vanilla or caramel filled varieties. Each one is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. 

These cookies just in your mouth. Just one will satisfy for craving for something sweet, but you'll want to keep coming for more. Best of all, they are gluten free and made with organic ingredients. Plus, they give back by donating meals to those in need.  You can't ask for a better stucking stuffer than this!