Thursday, November 3, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Try the Lift 24 to stand and work from Ergotron

Ergotron's recently launched a home-focused product line, ErgotronHome. Two of its products, the Workspace Hub27 and the Workspace Lift24, are both great options for anyone who want to find ways to integrate tech and their home life and make for great gifts.

The Hub is a slim cabinet with a channel to plug in and charge your devices (laptops, phones or tablets) that also doubles as a wall-mounted standing desk: just flip its door down to create a handy worksurface. Sort mail, make notes or do some computing, then close it up to conceal its contents. 

The Lift24 is an adjustable-height laptop stand that converts any surface into a standing desk. With a detachable tray, you can bring it with you to your favorite chair where it can rest on your lap, providing extra space for a mouse, touch pad or notebook.

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My Thoughts

I got the opportunity to try out the Lift 24. It has 3 adjustable heights so you can adjust to however tall or short you are and the work area that you're placing the Lift 24. It was fairly easy to put together. At first, I thought the tray that you'd set the laptop on would click so you knew it was secure instead of just resting in a lock/hook way. But it did hold. I tested it first with one of my heavier cats to see if it held and if it would top over. Don't worry, I was right there with my cat the whole time to make sure nothing happened. It stayed upright and held my kitty. 

I placed my laptop on it and found I had plenty of working area for my mouse and computer to be on it. This item is heavy, so it's not something you'd likely carry around from room to room. Instead, find a place to set it up. I've used it a few times when my back hurt and I wanted to stand and stretch while still getting some work done.

This can be used in your lap if you're sitting on the couch, but to be honest, it was awkward in my lap and wasn't comfortable, so I don't think I'll be using it that way again. Instead, keeping it set up in a general location in my home to use.

It does fold up for storage  and is only about two inches tall when folded flat. So easy to slide between cabinets or on a shelf when not in use.

Overall, I really like the idea of the Lift 24. This will be great for anyone who is active or dislikes sitting all day. Depending on what you're doing on the computer, you could easily get in some type of movement while working.