Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - National Geographic Quadcopter

A great choice for first time flyers and advanced enthusiasts!

Integrated smart auto-orientation and stabilization technology makes this drone incredibly easy to fly! Other “no name” drones can be tough to pilot causing crashes leading to lost or damaged drones, but National Geographic’s Drone is a perfect gift for younger pilots. With the intuitive remote and smart integrated technology, your child will be performing tricks within minutes. Speed control adjustments allow you to slow things down for younger pilots, and speed things up for adults. Bottom line is that with this drone, they’ll be racing through the air in no time—and will be in full control! 

Drones have become essential research tools, bringing us closer to formerly inaccessible landscapes and habitats. Children and adults will love learning the incredible history of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using the included full-color learning guide. Choose this quality product by National Geographic, a brand you can trust.

My Thoughts

We've flown lots of  RC helicopters over the years, but this was our first experience with a Quadcopter. The main difference seems to be that there are four propellers.  The controller requires a few AA batteries, but the quadcopter can be charged by connecting the battery to your computer using a USB. Once charged, we've gotten an average of  ten to fifteen minutes flying time. As far as maneuvering, I found this device to be way easier to control than any of the other flying toys we've tried. It's light weight, so it lifts up off the ground with no trouble, but it's also sturdy, so if it does crash down, it doesn't get damaged. The four propellers also seem to give it a more even flight. It's just way easier to control.The design is really awesome too. I love the sleek blue color. 

My son has a lot of experience with flying toys. He's been flying toy helicopters for several years. The remote on this is very similar to a standard remote control helicopter, so he had no trouble maneuvering and controlling his Quadcopter. For new flyers, it may take a little more practice, but don't be discouraged. Once you get the hang of it, it's simple and fun. It even comes with a few extra rotors in case it breaks as well as an additional battery. We've been flying for about a week with no issues.   Overall, my son was really happy with it and we're thinking about getting a few for his cousins for Christmas.