Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Just Dance 2017

The holidays are a wonderful time for families to spend time together and what better way to make memories than to come together and just dance! Released in time for the holiday season, Just Dance 2017 offers 40 hot new songs that will have both youngsters and parents busting a move. Some of the popular tracks include: “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento, and “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.
Just Dance will continue to offer the fan favorite features, World Dance Floor, Autodance, and Community Remix, as well as a few new ones!  The Just Dance Controller App is an app that you can download on your smartphone and allows your phone to act as a tracking device to score the moves – so you no longer have to have separate WiiMotes for everyone who wants to play. For Just Dance Unlimited users, players can dance to over 200 songs and with more exclusive songs being added over the year, the fun never stops! 
Just Dance 2017 is available on all motion-control gaming platforms, including Nintendo’s Wii, Wii U and NX systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. For the first time, Just Dance 2017 will be also available on Windows PC, allowing more accessibility!

My Thoughts
I am very particular about the video games I let my kids play. I have zero tolerance for blood and violence. I also like games that keep kids moving. The Wii is my favorite game system because tit encourages interactive play. Its more than just sitting on your butt pushing buttons. You have to actually get up and be a part of the game. Just Dance 2017 is a new game from Ubisoft that is just the type of game I am always on the look out for. With tons of songs from all their favorite bands,  this game really get kids moving with tons of songs the whole family can enjoy. 

 All my children had fun dancing along to all their favorite songs in this game, and there are six different game modes.  I also had a great time joining in, although the kids are much better dancers and totally kicked my butt. The game offers full tracks, no annoying partials. You can play with up to four players so it's a great choice for family game night.  The song list includes the following songs:

  • Sorry” – Justin Bieber
  • “DADDY” – Psy Ft. CL of 2NE1
  • “Cheap Thrills” – Sia Ft. Sean Paul
  • “Lean On” – Major Lazer Ft. MØ & DJ Snake
  • “Worth It” – Fifth Harmony Ft. Kid Ink
  • “Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen
  • “PoPiPo” – Hatsune Miku
  • “Radical” – Dyro & Dannic
  • “El Tiki” – Maluma
  • “September” – Equinox Stars
  • “What Is Love” – Ultraclub 90

These are only a few of the tracks. There are 47 songs in all! If you are interested in purchasing Just Dance 2017 for your own family, it is available now in stores nationwide. You can also order it online on Amazon.  This holiday season get your kids off their feet and into the grove with the great music and dance steps from Just Dance Disney for Wii.