Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - CogniToys - #Discount Code

Thanks to Elemental Path, the most interactive toy on the market will quickly become your child's new best friend! CogniToys are the award-winning next generation of Internet-connected smart toys that learn and grow alongside your child, bringing a new gateway of smart, fun and interactive learning to children in the digital age without the need for a screen! 

The Dino is IBM Watson-powered, cloud-based and Wi-Fi enabled, allowing kids to engage in intelligent converation unlike any other toys on the market today. CogniToys can explore a wide variety of topics during playtime and can participate in activities like storytelling, questions and answers, gmaes and more. The Dino is available in a fun green color for a suggested retail price of $99.99. It is available for purchase at Toys 'R' Us stores nationwide and online, as well as Amazon.

***Discount Code***

Get 10% Off your own Dino with coupon code NewAgeMama10!  Get one now at CogniToys!


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