Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Charm U

Charm U (Cepia) – A line of “charming” toys that girls can play with and wear for twice the fun! Charm U’s expansive universe of more than 70 brightly-colored charms includes kid-pleasing themes – from pets and sports to princess, beach, treats, and more. Surprise charms, along with numbered limited-edition and rare characters, further extend Charm U’s collectible appeal.

My Thoughts

Get ready for the newest craze! It's Charm U! They're tiny, squishy, collectible, and fun. Kids everywhere are going to be lining up to get them. They are sure to be a big hit with the upcoming holiday season and will make great stocking stuffers. They are the perfect toy for little girls off all ages.

Charm U are kind of like the prizes that kids beg you for from the machines every time you leave the store. Except that they are much cuter and you can get a whole bunch of different ones in every package. There are dozens to choose from like animals, food characters, fairy tale characters, and more.  Each set comes with a cute little backpack for convenient storage. Plus, you can get playhouses like their adorable school house..

Another fun  feature is that you can wear them! Each set of Charm U toys also comes with a bracelet, and they all have little hook on the end, allowing you to create a charm bracelet. It's a toy and an accessory all in one!   You can interchange your Charm U toys to mix and match. My daughter even has a few on her backpack. To make collecting them even more fun, you get a sticker for each one to help you keep track of which ones you have already.

Charm U would make a great gift for any little girl this holiday season. If you would like to learn more about Charm U, visit their website or look for them on Amazon where you can see all the different characters and all the cool accessories.


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