Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chef Remi New Cooking Thermometer #Giveaway - 7 Winners a Day!

Not all kitchen shears are created equally. Chef Remi's shears are a heavy duty, rust free tool that are a must have item for any kitchen. Now, you can enter to win one of these beautiful pairs of kitchen shears for your own home. Entering is easy. Simply fill out the entry form over at the Chef Remi website or enter below:

Win Chef Remi New Cooking Thermometer (7 Winners Every Day!)

There are seven winners every day, so you have 49 chances to win!  Even if you don't win, you will have the opportunity to purchase any Chef Remi Product and save $5.  Use coupon code -- W77ERHSY

If you miss this week's giveaway, check back every week to see what awesome prize is being offered. Visit Chef's Remi's website for full rules and guidelines. Keep Chef Remi bookmarked and visit often for a chance to win more great prizes.