Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Try Dessata Detangling Brushes & Throw Out Your Old Hairbrush

It’s time to throw out your standard brush and your average detangler. You need a brush that requires far less strokes, meaning less breakage and more shine. And your kids need a brush that will get rid of that ripping, hair pulling pain.

Touting 440 highly flexible bristles made from a specialized gel in Spain, Dessata detangling brushes are able to gently glide through any hair type (wet or dry), without tugging or tearing. While most detanglers only feature two bristle lengths, Dessata’s innovative design ups the ante with three distinct bristle variations, resulting in even less tension while brushing hair. Additionally, its ergonomic, handle-free design provides optimum comfort and control.

Most detangling brushes are either too rough on the scalp or too flimsy on tangles; Dessata finds that happy medium. It conforms to each individual’s particular head shape, giving a gentle scalp massage, while also effectively smoothing tangles. Its smart design makes it one of the few detanglers suitable for any hair type, including ultra-curly, fine, brittle, or even children’s hair.

My Thoughts

Bath time has always been a challenge for the girls in my household. We all have very fine hair that tangles easily. When I have to comb out my toddler's hair, there is always screaming and crying, and even my tween will whine a little. When I would bush my own hair, which is about half way down my back, I would always wind up ripping out patches. But none of these things are a problem anymore, thanks to the amazing Dessata Detangling Brush.

Dessata Detangling Brush is a detangling brush that really lives ups to its claims. The specially designed bristles remove knots from hair like magic. It doesn't matter if your hair is curly or straight, thick or thin. This brush can handle anything. When I used the Dessata Detangling Brush on my toddler, she hardly realized I was even touching her hair. In just a few strokes, we were done brushing it out. It doesn't split ends or rip out the knots, yet it somehow untangles even the worst knots. Its amazing, and it has been a life saver in my house. I will never go back to another brush again. If you want your hair to be tangle free in seconds, give the Dessata Detangling Brush a try. You can find this brush in Target and online at Amazon. 


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