Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saje has The Natural Purse Essentials for the Holiday Season

To-do lists, shopping, changing seasons and germy kids. 

Holiday season isn't scary with the right tools! Saje Natural Wellness, 100% natural aromatherapy products showcasing the healing power of plants, offers a Pocket Farmacy to help mothers feel relaxed, breathe clearer,  and smell great! 

For Mom - Pocket Farmacy $59.95
A must-have natural pharmacy for every day, including five of their best-selling therapeutic remedy roll-ons: 
-Peppermint Halo - headache relief
-Stress Release - promotes relaxation 
-Pain Release - reduce inflammation and muscle pain 
-Immune - helps alleviate cold symptoms 
-Eater's Digest - helps soothe upset stomachs 

For The Kids 
-Stress Release - before the big day
-Quick study - for mental alertness 

Deep Breath...bring on the new year! 

My Thoughts

Saje utilizes the power of some of my favorite essential oils with their adorable Pocket Farmacy bags. I got to try out two of their bags. The first is their Yoga Kit. There are three blends in this set that can be easily tucked into your gym bag. 

Peppermint Halo - This roll-on is an all-natural headache remedy. Just apply it around your head and shoulders. It will start tingling immediately and helps to ease the tension and pain caused my headaches. This is a great addition to the yoga set because it's common to get headaches  or nausea after a yoga session as your body begins to detox.

Transition Face & Body Mist- This Mist is a refreshing treat that will cool you off after a  yoga session. It has a wonderful scent and helps you stay grounded.

Refreshing Mat Spray-You'll never have to worry about a stinky mat again. Beat sweat with just a few squirts of this mist.

I also received the Little Wellness bag with has mini roll-ons perfect for travel.  Each one is about the size of a tube of lipstick. This set also included the Peppermint Halo,  as well as a cleansing blend to help you feel refreshed, and Gutzy which aids with digestion. These little bags are the perfect way to take your essential oils with you on the go. If you're thinking ahead to the holidays, they would also make great stocking stuffers! To see all Saje has to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media.

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