Monday, October 31, 2016

Personalized Photo Gifts from Jaymo

If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, consider Jaymo’s collection of personalized DIY photo gifts. Ranging in price from $2.99 to $13.99, these unique pieces are not only affordable, but they also make a great gift because they:

·         Allow you to design personalized gifts with photos, clip art or text using Jaymo’s free online design tool,
·         Can be re-used and re-designed so you can limitlessly show your individuality and get full use out of your photo gifts

·         Are personalized gifts with a fast turn around time and excellent quality.

Founded in 1991, Jaymo, is a nationally recognized company that designs, produces and sells innovative products for the craft and photo industries.  Products by Jaymo are available at, and various photo stores across the USA.

My Thoughts

Jaymo has helped to bring my two greatest loves together. No matter how crazy they make me feel sometimes, I love my babies and I miss them when they're at school all day, even the teenagers.  Now I can have them close by all day long while I enjoy my favorite cup of Joe. Jaymo can take any picture and turn it into a treasure. In this case, they added a picture of my children onto my travel mug.  What makes this particular mug even more fun is that the pictures are interchangeable. You can print out any picture an insert it inside the mug. You can also take out the picture when you're washing the mug, so the image will never fade.  The mug is a good size, dishwasher safe, and an all around good quality. These are great to take to work or to take with you on the go because they make you feel closer to your family, even when you can't be together. 

I also got to check out one of their personalized pens, which is lots of fun as well. They added my New Age Mama logo onto the pen. If you have a small business, this is an affordable way to advertise. However, you can also add photos of your children here too. Like the mug, the pictures can be switched up any time you like.

Jaymo creates high quality products and  you can use any photo you want to make them truly personal.  Of course,  this is now my favorite mug, and you'll find it sitting on my desk any time of day. The pen is getting plenty of use as well. These would make a great gift for anyone, and are also the perfect way to make the holidays a little more personal.  Also be sure to check out all the other personalized items you can create for all your special occasions at Jaymo.


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