Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Naturelle #Giveaway #1SaveTaTas

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Join Us In Breast Cancer Awareness Relay Month

Thank You To All Companies Supporting This Relay
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NATURELLE® Luxe MAJESTIC OIL Collection Giveaway OCT 12-17, 2016 Open to US

Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection
Sponsored by NATURELLE® Hosted by Celebrate Woman Today

Want to be beautiful and help support breast cancer survivors at the same time? Keep reading to see how to win some of these awesome products for yourself.

 SEO Hair is our luxury and our unique expression to the world of who we are. Without hair life would be different. This Nature-given gift calls for daily care, too. To ensure your mane – no matter how thick or thin it is – feels and looks gorgeous, you gotta make an effort. Having great quality hair care products helps tremendously in cleansing, hydrating and styling our hair. Look, what NATURELLE® has developed for all women – and even men tried it, too, – Luxe MAJESTIC OIL hair care routine. Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil that brings the level of hydration for easy manageability, after you try all the products as a system, you'll be satisfied with a more lustrous look your hair gets. NATURELLE® would like to gift this entire collection as a giveaway prize. A winner will receive: • Hydrating Shampoo • Hydrating Conditioner • Hydrating Repair Masque • Oil Treatment • Ultra Hydrating Styling Cream

Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

Breast Cancer October Relay Illuminate. Encourage. Shine!
Campaña de Concientización Contra el Cáncer de Mama. Alienta, Incentiva, Brilla!


Anonymous said...

I like to use a leave in conditioner. Patricia

Anonymous said...

I love to use Pantene on a regular basis!

Angela Saver said...

I use Yes 2 Carrots shampoo & conditioner on a regular basis, as well as Argan oil on the ends of my hair!

Lici Lee said...

I love to use oils. Especially Coconut Oil.

alona y said...

I really love using hair masks and hair oils on a regular basis.