Monday, October 24, 2016

Lumsing Electric Pencil Sharpener

  • High-End Helix Stainless Cutter - Generates a Smooth, Uniform, Sharp Tip Everytime! 100% Child Proof - Perfect for Artists, Drawing, Engineering, and More
  • SAFETY FEATURE: Kids can safely use the pencil sharpener as it has a unique safety tab that stops the pencil sharpener from working when the shaving cover is removed.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Small desk? The sharpeners footprint is small and it can fit almost anywhere and it is mighty and sharpens a new pencil in 10-15 seconds. Take it where ever you need to, such as your workshop, the park, or to your art class.
  • Quickly and Automatically - Only takes 3 seconds to sharpern one pencil and when tip is perfect,it will stop Automatically,No More Self Manually Sharpening
  • Overheating Protection - Heavy-duty motor with an auto stop device preventing overheating;Powered (110V/50Hz) by AC US Adapter

My Thoughts

This is a great little pencil sharpener. It's compact, so I can store it on my desk without it taking up much space. It's appropriate for home use, but would also be suitable for school or the office.  The sharpener inside works very well.  Simply insert the pencil and it will be sharpened to a fine point within seconds.  All the pencil shavings are neatly deposited inside the clear disposal area. This slides out easily so you can dump it into the trash without any mess. It's quick, convenient, and has a sleek design. Best of all, it's affordable.

Grab one of this great pencil sharpeners for yourself on Amazon for only $24.99.