Saturday, October 1, 2016

Halloween Fun with Goodie Gusher

Goodie Gusher –

Call it piñata 2.0 – easy to fill and refill, reusable (reusable!), children of all ages can play without assistance (without assistance!), and no chance of anyone getting bonked with a stick (no Urgent Care visits on Halloween!). Instead of smashing a cute creature to smithereens, the kids take turns pulling keys until someone finds the Magic Key. Once the Magic Key is pulled, the Goodie Gusher will release a wide shower of party treats. Refill Goodie Gusher with treats and prizes and play it again. Great for indoor or outdoor use. Available at Walmart for $20.

My Thoughts

Whether you're having a Halloween party or celebrating a birthday, piñatas are always a fun addition to the festivities. But have you ever tried using one with a room full of five-year-olds? I got a black eye once. No joke. Those little kids can get violent,  even if you don't use a blindfold. That's why I was really excited to try out the Goodie Gusher. It's all the fun of a pinata, but without the danger.

Using the Goodie Gusher is simple. It comes with a big bag of candy that you pour right into the cardboard container. The Goodie Gusher has about twenty tabs. Kids can take turns pulling them. One random tab will release the candy in a great big gush. There's no wild swinging, but you still  get the wild gush of candy that kids love to gather.  Plus, when you're all done, the Goodie Gusher can be recycled, so you aren't creating unnecessary waste.

I love the Goodie Gusher. It's great for parties at home or in the classroom. It will make any party way more exciting, but not so exciting that someone winds up in her ER! Choose from Pink or Blue designs, and get your party started.