Sunday, October 2, 2016

Get Your Daughter the Hottest Looks for Fall with kidpik

The kids are back in school and fall has arrived. For young  girl's who want the trendiest styles for school, kidpik is the perfect way for them to get a head start on their fall wardrobe. This fun subscription service is specially designed for fashionistas between the ages of 3 and 12. It allows the little girl in your life to receive a personalized box that will be shipped right to her door every month. Just fill out the style profile (it only takes a few minutes), and  a professional stylist will pick out several stylish pieces perfect for her unique style.

My daughter Willow just loved creating her fashion profile. She is only six, and just learning how to read, so I was glad to see that they used a lot of visual images to help her make selections. Girls can choose their favorite types of clothing, colors, patterns, and styles. They even show you a few complete outfits and have them pick their favorites. Of course, sizing information is also provided.  Once the form is complete, you just sit back and wait for your box to arrive.

We just got our box today, and Willow couldn't wait to see what was inside. She tore into the box, and couldn't wanted to try everything on immediately.  It made her feel even more special when she saw the inside of the box had her name on it. 

There were three complete outfits inside, including a pair of shoes that went with everything, and even a few bracelets.  Here is a little about each piece.

Perforated Rhinestone Bracelet -  This pretty bracelet is hot pink and has lots of glitter. The snap band has two size options. This item is valued at $4.50. You also get a free kipik bracelet. My daughter loved this too, especially the smiley faces.

Straight Leg Jeans - These are definitely high quality jeans from Ruum. They have a sturdy zippered fly and  adjustable straps inside. They would work well with both the shirts that came in the box. They retail for $29.50.

Rhinestone Dolam Tee- My daughter just loved the bling on this tee. It's cream colored and a nice weight for fall. It is a little see-through, so she needs to wear an undershirt underneath. The price on this piece is $10.50.

Ditsy Bouquet Skater Skirt - This floral skirt is just lovely and the perfect way to dress things up a little but still be comfortable at school.  It has an elastic waist and a pretty purple flower pattern. My teen daughter was totally jealous of this piece, which goes for around $14.50.

Chiffon Sequin Dress - This is a fun dress with a lot of sparkle. It's one piece, and slides easily over her head. It's will be a great choice for the next birthday party we're invited to. You can get this dress for $24.50.

Karel Ballet Flats - These shoes make my daughter feel like Cinderella. She loves the silver color and the extra bling.  They are super trendy, but also really comfortable so she can wear them all day at school.  Grab these for only $19.50.

100% Baseball Tee- Last but not least, we have a classic tee with a twist. This shirt is 100% feminine with the pretty pink sequins. Get it for $19.50. 

After you go through your box and try everything on, you decide what you're going to keep. On average, you pay around $12.50 for each piece, but if you keep everything, you can save up to 30%! Whatever you don't want, simply send back in the postage paid envelope provided. It's quick and easy, and gives your daughter a chance to get a new fashion fix every month. 

My daughter was thrilled with all of the clothing and accessories she received. They got her style down perfectly! She is going to be the talk of the first grade when she struts into class in her new duds this week. I loved that the clothing can be mixed and matched, and was especially excited about how the shoes went with everything.  If you like what you see and you'd like to learn more about kidpik and how their subscription service works, be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media.

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