Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Costume Made Easy - Emoji Masks

Emoji Masks - http://emojimasks.com

Done. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this. The fact that Emoji Masks hit so perfectly on a pop culture trend and will make everyone laugh at the same time, makes this effortless costume simply brilliant. Are you brave enough to dawn the poop mask or is laughing tears more your style? Just $7.99 each or change your mask with your mood and get all 15 masks in the collection for $69.99.

My Thoughts

My teenage son isn't really into getting dressed up for Halloween anymore. He's too lazy for makeup and too cool for most costumes. But even this emo teen was impressed with Emoji Masks. Emojis are so popular right now, and these masks can turn you into your favorite expression. They have all the best designs, like the sunglasses, poop, winky face, and many more. Just strap them on your face and you're ready to do. They stay on with an elastic strap and are pretty comfortable. The only quibble my son had was that the eye slots are a little small, making it difficult to see.  He still really likes them and is looking forward to wearing them on Halloween. 

If you're looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume, these are a great idea. They're good for school or work and are sure to make an impression. You can choose from a variety of styles which allows you to express whatever your mood may be that day.  Grab one yourself  for only $7.99 each.