Friday, September 2, 2016

Save your back from pain with The Heft

Low back pain will affect many of the 140 million Americans who shovel snow or work in their gardens. That PAIN will be dramatically reduced with The HEFT.

The HEFT is a small secondary handle that allows the user to stand more upright when they work.

If you are looking for the Best Gift Idea under $25, why not do what 300,000 Canadians have already done and get your hands on a HEFT? The HEFT is an award-winning secondary handle that makes snow shoveling or gardening safer, easier and more comfortable by quickly and easily attaching to most standard long shaft tools – like shovels or rakes. 

The HEFT is brand new to the US market and is unlike any other secondary handle in the market. The patented opposing collars mean The HEFT can be attached, repositioned or removed in literally ONE SECOND as there are no moving parts or tools required for attachment.

You will love The HEFT for its many benefits:
·         Maintains a safer and more comfortable upright posture for the user
·         Endorsed by a Harvard trained Doctor
·         Is ON or OFF in just ONE SECOND with a simple twist
·         Very user friendly as there are no tools required for attachment
·         Versatile as it fits a wide variety of tools – not just shovels
·         Cost effective – no need to buy expensive ergonomic tools
·         Winner of multiple awards (National Hardware Show and National Lawn & Garden Show)
·         Made in North America for the highest quality

Twist on a HEFT and let it do the heavy lifting – 300,000 people already have!

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My Thoughts

I was interested in this product because my husband and I get lower back pain. For him, it is a herniated disc injury and for me my sciatica nerve. While we don't get many bad winters here, I was curious how this would help with yard work, such as gardening with a shovel when lifting dirt.

The Heft handle was easy to put on as well as take off. When first looking at it, I expected it to be a bit more complicated, but it really wasn't It was as simple as twisting it on and twisting it off.  When it was on the pole, it was study. Not loose to where I had to worry about it being more of a pain trying to keep it in place. Instead, it locked on and stayed in place where I needed it.

Shoveling with The Heft on took some getting used it. It's normal to want to bend over and scoop. It took a few tries using this to get coordinated, but after I got the hang of it, I could really see this being a big help to someone with back issues who may need to shovel a lot of snow in the winters or for gardening in the summers.

I was really impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone, back issues or not. Once I got the hang of it, it was almost easier to shovel with it on then off. A really great product to try.