Friday, September 9, 2016

Product Review: Zim's Max Arnica

Getting out and being active is great, but sometimes life can be tough on our bodies. Whether you’re out enjoying the weather, getting in a morning workout at the gym or just chasing after your kids, the aches, bruises and strains that can follow are never fun. A new product from Zim’s Max can help.

Zim’s Max-Arnica is totally natural. It is the first homeopathic product in the Zim’s line, meaning the ingredients are produced from natural sources, such as plants, vegetables and minerals.

Zim’s Max-Arnica combines Arnica Montana, a flowering plant used for pain relief, with soothing aloe. Simply rub a small amount of Zim’s Max-Arnica on the affected area for temporary relief from bruising and strains associated with injuries, pain and stiffness. The roll-on applicator makes it easy, and there’s no mess.

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My Thoughts

Zim's Max Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that combines Arnica Montana (a flowering plant) with Aloe to ease pain from bruising and strains.

The e-mail about this product actually came, funny enough, when I was experiencing a pain I sometimes get in my lower back. While it wasn't able to make it here in time for that issue, I was glad to have it on hand for the next time. 

That next time came not long ago. That sharp pain returned, and I braced myself for another day or two of moving very carefully. Yes, I'm weird like that. I really don't like to take pills unless I absolutely must at the advice of a doctor. 

Hoping I wouldn't be disappointed, my husband applied it. Almost instantly, a cooling sensation came that felt nice and took my mind off the sharp twinge. Shortly after applying it, I was able to move normally without a hint of pain. 

My husband used it on his back and shoulder and experienced the same quick relief. We are definitely happy with this product, and will be sure to get more once this runs out. It was seriously a life-saver for me.


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