Tuesday, September 27, 2016

National Coffee Day 9/29 - Celebrate with Personalized Mugs!

International Coffee Day is coming up on September 29. If you’re like me, it’s your favorite day of the year! I always use this day as an excuse to find a new favorite mug to enjoy my morning coffee(s) in. So whether it’s one from the kids, or a colorful cup of joe that is personalized with your name so it can’t be stolen in the company kitchen, Personal Creations has fun, cute and memorable mugs that do more than just hold coffee. Here are a few of my favorites in PC’s collection of personalized mugs!

A surprise is just a cup of coffee away! Watch this mug morph from solid black to reveal up to five photos underneath when you pour a hot liquid into it.

Any Message Ceramic Mug – $19.99

Do you have a daily mantra? Say it on a substantial stoneware mug. From sentimental to silly, your personal message will look fabulous with your coffee, chai and cocoa.

Home State Coffee Mug – $16.99

Feel right at home sipping your morning coffee from a mug that’s state-of-the-art!

Any Message Oversized Bowl – $17.00

Is it a big bowl or a mammoth mug? Let your favorite foodie decide. Coffee, ice cream or cereal, they’ll love eating (or drinking) out of it.

Initial Mug with Spoon – $24.99

A must-have for the workplace, this clever mug features a mixing spoon inserted into the handle. Use it to replace communal office spoons and cut down on waste from disposable stirrers.

My Thoughts

Personal Creations has helped to bring my two greatest loves together. No matter how crazy they make me feel sometimes, I love my babies and I miss them when they're at school all day, even the teenagers.  Now I can have them close by all day long while I enjoy my favorite cup of Joe. Personalized Creations can take any picture and turn it into a treasure. In this case, they added a picture of my children's first day on school onto my a mug.  What makes this particular mug even more fun, is that the mug looks like a plain, dark mug until you pour something hot into it. Then the images appear like magic!

Personal Creations creates high quality prints right on their mugs with any photo you want. The mug is a good size, dishwasher safe, and an all around good quality. Just upload your picture and you'll get your mug in only a few days. These are great to take to work or to take with you on the go because they make you feel closer to your family, even when you can't be together. 

Of course,  this is now my favorite mug, and you'll find it sitting on my desk any time of day. These would make a great gift for anyone, and are also the perfect way to make National Coffee Day a little more personal.  Also be sure to check out all the other personalized items you can create for all  your special occasions at Personal Creations.

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