Sunday, September 4, 2016

Elevita - Gifts that Improve Lives Worldwide

Elevita is a fun subscription box that sends you a variety of fair trade gifts each month.  All of their products are all hand-made, unique pieces that are sure to delight anyone. You also get a little card with each piece that tells you all about the artisan who created it. I loved reading about these heroic women just as much as I loved the beautiful pieces they created. You can see that each piece one is a work of love.

For September, there were there spectacular items included, all packaged in a beautiful drawstring bag. Here is a little about each one. 

This beautiful journal is hand-made by a family in India who has been making paper for generations. What is really unique about this book is that they don't use trees to create them. They are actually made from recycled cotton, and embellished with lovely designs. It's some of the softest paper you'll ever run your fingers across. This book is great to use as a dream journal or diary.

This lovely beaded necklace is a rainbow of colors, and it's a great choice for your fall wardrobe. It's extra long so you can double it up if you want to.  This piece is made by single mom in the Philippines. 

Last but not least, this stunning clutch was hand-stitched by a women named Sok Chan in Cambodia. She is confined to a wheelchair, but that hasn't stopped her from creating beautiful clutches perfect for a night on the town.

This is a really great selection of products, and I love how the box comes with information that tells you where each of the items came from. It's great having a little background because you appreciate them even more when you understand the culture from where they derived.  However, one of the things I love the most about this box is that when you purchase them, you are helping artists who are in in the most need.  Elevita is a box that really does improve lives, and it awakens the conscious on a variety of levels. You can give back so much and still get a variety of  beautiful pieces each month. If you prefer picking out your favorites instead of subscribing, they also have a store with a wide range of beautiful items. What better way to make a statement about what you stand for? To learn more about this fabulous company, be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media.

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