Friday, September 9, 2016

Back to School with Pirate's Booty

Pirate's Booty has big news for the school school year. They released a limited edition jumbo bag that is packed full of so much booty, you'll be set for weeks. These big bags each contain six mini bags that are the perfect size for kids to chow down. Each little bag is 1 oz. Drop them in a lunch box or save them for after school. Either way, kids will be thrilled.
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My little pirates LOVE Pirate's Booty. They come home from school "starving" - just ask them- and want a snack but by the time they get home from school dinner is only a hour away. With dinner being in a hour, I don't want them to have too much to eat because they will not eat if they have too much of a snack. These Pirate's Booty bags are the perfect thing to hold them over. These puffs of white cheddar fill them up just enough to get them through that hour. 

What I love, as a parent, most about these snacks is that they are baked, all natural and gluten free. I also love that they taste great and my guys love that they have their own little bag so there is no fighting over the bowls or who has more than the other. These also make great snacks to throw in their bag for during the school day or a snack to be sent when it's their special day to bring snack. With all the allergies that kids have to peanuts and other things, I have to say that these are a pretty safe bet as a classroom snack! We love Pirate's Booty in this house and think you will too! 

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