Friday, August 26, 2016

Start the School Year Off on the Right Foot with GoldToe

Although summer’s in fun swing, fall will be here before we know it and leading sock brand, Gold Toe, wants students of all ages to kick the school year off right with a product that’s both fun a functional: a comfy yet colorful pair of socks! 

Reaching out, as we think our merchandise would make the perfect addition to any back-to-school pieces you may be working on. From colorful activewear to bold, traditional collections, we have a variety of styles fit for every student (sneak a peek here). Some ideas include:

•   Conquer The School Year: With special messaging printed onto our Powersox Collections such as "This is your Day” and “Believe You Can,” students can’t help but feel inspired to move through the school year while sporting this stylish yet athletic collection.
•   Kid Tested, Parent Approved: Gold Toe’s Kid Collections serve double duty, as they not only look fashionable but they also feature an EZ MATCH® sizing system — ideal for households with multiple children. Hate doing laundry? We’ve got you covered: the number of gold rings on the toe indicate each sock size, alleviating the stress and hassle of mismatching your kids’ socks in the laundry. 
•   Best Bang For Your Buck: Don’t break the bank while back-to-school shopping this season. Not only are all Gold Toe products reliable, they’re affordable — especially with our 6+1 Bonus Packs available right now!

Gold Toe can be found at retailers nationwide such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenny and Amazon, as well as,  

**** Back-to-School Discount***

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My Thoughts 

One of the things you can't forget when you are working on your back to school shopping list is the socks. They aren't usually that exciting, so they can be easy to forget. Luckily, GoldToe socks come in a wide range of fun and fashionable color schemes that make picking them out just as much fun as choosing your t-shirts and outwear. They have socks for  people of all ages, with styles ranging from ankle length to calf high. They are so soft and comfortable, it's easy to forget you have them on. They work with all types of shoes. I have been enjoying their socks for months, but their children's styles are definitely something to rave about as well. 

GoldToe socks are also engineered for performance, making them perfect for all types of athletics. They always stay in place, but are never so tight that they cut off your circulation.  They're superior stitching eliminates the annoying bump around the toes and they fit perfectly around ythe heel without bunching up. It's like they completely conform to your feet. My son loved the sporty style and the blue and gray colors in his pack. My daughter squealed over the tye-dye which matches her boho style.  They are both ready to hit the soccer field thanks to GoldToe.

If you're getting read for the back-to-school season, GoldToe socks should be a must-have addition on  your list.  Each time you order a pair of socks from GoldToe, you are sure to brighten someone's day and help them find inspiration.  If you'd like to learn more about GoldToe and everything they offer,  be sure to visit their website.