Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Make Veggies Fun with Birds Eye

Did you know that only 28% of dinners include a vegetable?

Birds Eye is continuing to get kids of all ages excited to eat their veggies with Steamfresh sides featuring Disney character shaped pasta. This year, they’ve expanded the line to convince the older kids – and even the grown-ups – to eat better, too! 

The new products include:
  • Yoda shaped pasta & broccoli in white cheese sauce
  • R2D2 shaped pasta & green beans in marinara sauce
  • Spiderman shaped pasta & broccoli in yellow cheese sauce
  • Avengers shaped whole grain pasta & peas in butter sauce
As we head back to school, it is important to be sure that busy schedules don’t get in the way of healthy eating. Birds Eye is working to help families reach the goal of at least one veggie with every meal. We have tons of tips for making stress-free, delicious, nutritious meals that families will love, and can also provide you with helpful information for parents, including the importance of family meals, on-the-go kitchen timesavers and tips for picky eaters.

My Thoughts

Back to School season means that it's time to get back into a regular routine. We've been running around all summer and didn't always have time for a healthy meal. Now, we're sitting down for dinner as a family, and part of that meal includes vegetables. While I know it's an important part of a balanced diet, my children don't usually agree. That's why it was exciting to discover that Bird's Eye offers tons of delicious meals with the veggies right in the package! They are perfect for days when we're on the go, but still want to enjoy a delicious entree complete with veggies.

I love eating veggies,  but Birds Eye understands that my children may not agree with that sentiment. That's why they made their meals fun as well as nourishing. Their selections include delicious combinations like pasta with broccoli and cheese, pasta & green beans with  marinara sauce, pasta and broccoli with white cheese, and whole grain pasta with peas and butter. These yummy options are packed with so much flavor, kids will barely notice there are vegetables in there. However, for those really picky eaters, they'll have the added encouragement of seeing some of their favorite characters. Not only are fan favorites like the Avengers, Stars Wars, and Frozen featured on the packaging, the pasta is also shaped like the characters my children love. That was all my encouragement by picky eaters needed to gobble up their veggies.

These new Birds Eye entrees can be used as a complete meal or as a side-dish for a variety of meat or chicken dishes. The two I was able to try out were the Spiderman shaped pasta & broccoli in yellow cheese sauce and the Avengers shaped whole grain pasta & peas in butter sauce. Both were delicious, and also super easy to prepare. Simply toss the bag in the microwave for four minutes. The unique bag is designed to ensure perfection every time. The pasta and veggies come out just right, never dried out or under-cooked.

My family really enjoyed these new additions to the Bird's Eye family. They are quick, tasty, and a wonderful way to get our daily serving of veggies. Thanks to  Birds Eye, my little Avengers are assembling for dinner with no complaints! Look for these Birds Eye meals in retailers nationwide including Acme and Shoprite.