Monday, August 15, 2016

Make School Mornings Peaceful with Stoneridge Orchards

Packing your own lunch can be a challenge. Packing your little picky eaters lunch at 7 AM, while arguing about mismatched sneakers and trying not to spill your coffee on your white blouse is, well, a test of your patience.

To make school mornings a tad more, let’s say, serene, consider Stoneridge Orchards dried cherry snack packs. Toss a pack in their lunchbox or add to their cereal or Greek yogurt. The sweet, healthy treats are a great source of Vitamins A and C and potassium. The pre-portioned snack packs ensure kids get just the right amount of sweet without overdoing it.

Stoneridge Orchards is a third generation family owned and operated business that has been dominating the all-natural and organic dried and frozen fruit market since 1962. They are largest producers of tart cherries on the west coast- a title they’ve held for over 50 years.

My Thoughts 

Cherries are my favorite fruit. They're delicious whether they're picked fresh or dried. I love cherry ice cream, cherry pies, cherry tarts, and cherry juice. If cherry is in the title, you can be pretty sure I'll gobble it right up. I didn't think I could possibly love cherries anymore than I already did, until I tried Stoneridge Orchards dried cherries. Their selection of dried cherries are a delight to your taste buds and the perfect compliment to a variety of recipes and a great addition to lunch boxes this back to school season.

Whole Dried Tart Cherries - Deliciously tart, you can just pop these in your mouth by the handful. They are a healthy snack for kids or adults. In addition, they are a great  ingredient to add to cookie dough, green salads, or even chicken salad.

Chilli Lime Cherries - As much as I love cherries, I wasn't a big fan of these, but this is just my personal taste. I don't like any foods that are even a little spicy. However, if you like chili-lime seasoning, I'm sure you'd love these.

These are only a few examples of the delicious products available from Stoneridge Orchards. They have a huge selection, including a few organic varieties.  To view their full line or find a location near you that sells them, be sure to visit their website or follow them on face book.