Monday, August 29, 2016

Kitchen tools and gadgets from T-fal

Using T-fal tools, one doesn't have to be a "Top Chef" to master even the trickiest kitchen skills – from baking to chopping to prepping – these products all embody thoughtful design and innovative features to elevate your culinary experience.

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The items I got to try:

My Thoughts

I was impressed with all three of these products. They each worked really well. I recognized the name T-fal before getting these items to review, but I hadn't tried the brand yet. That will change. This will be a brand I look for when I need/want a new gadget in the kitchen.

The first item I tried was the mandolin. I have one already but I never use because it's a pain. I have to hold it over a cutting board then start chopping and it makes a mess. This mandolin from T-fal isn't like that. As you slice your vegetables, it goes into a provided container. No mess! Thank you, T-fal! I found it easy to use. The blades were sharp, but my hand stayed safe so I didn't worry about it getting sliced. This came with several blades to use for different types of cuts. It even had a grader for cheese. I really liked how long the grader was. It let me chop more cheese faster.

Next I tried the chopper. I've seen one of these at an at home kitchen gadget party. Always thought it was neat, but never bought because I wasn't sure I'd actually use it. This made chopping a breeze. You load in potatoes or whatever you're wanting to chop. Then pull the lever several times until it's at the size desired. Now you can't put a lot in. It's isn't large. I usually could do half a potato at a time. So it was a little more time consuming, in my opinion. But if your hands are sore from a long day of work, this makes chopping easier. As well, it's a task you can pass off to an older kid. You can use it for more than chopping vegetables. You can also make salsa and other things like that in it.

And finally, I tried the apple corer/slicer. This worked really well too. It was easier to use than the one I bought at the dollar store years ago. The blades went through without issue. I didn't have to stop in the middle and give it a hard smack to get it to finish. I liked that it came with a piece to set your apple on and when your blade finished going through, it hit that piece instead of your counter. It was a great added feature that T-fal gave us.

I liked all three of these a lot and was impressed with the brand. If you're in the market for some new products to make you feel like a top chef, give T-fal a try.


Anonymous said...

I love their prep tools sure could use some of those.

Edye Nicole said...

T-fal is a great brand! Thanks for sharing.