Thursday, August 4, 2016

Get Your Child Ready for College with DormCo

Decorating a dorm room with such limited space might not always be easy, but Dorm Co is one-stop-shop solution for all the college living essentials for a back to school feature. They are the leader in college dorm essentials, Dorm Co offers everything college bound students need for a comfortable and enjoyable dorm life - from trendy Twin XL bedding to decorative rugs, furniture, cookware, electronics security gear and storage solutions to make the most of precious space.

My oldest daughter isn't in college yet, but she shares a room with her sister and their room is set up a lot like a dorm. She always says her bedroom is her sanctuary. It's the only place where she can escape from the hectic moments of the day. It's the only room in the house where the floor isn't littered with toys and she can take a step without stubbing her toe or tripping. When she's in her  room, she likes to light a candle or a stick of incense, listen to some  music, and snuggle into a luxurious comforter with a good book. When it comes to beautiful, affordable bedding for twin beds, DormCo had exactly what she was looking for. They have tons of stylish comforters and bedding sets to choose from that are just the right size for bunk beds.

My daughter likes things simple so she picked out the  Caprice comforter set which comes in a black and white pattern. Of course, how pretty the set is means nothing when it's time to go to sleep. It needs to be comfortable too. DormCo has you covered there too. Because it's made from  cotton, this comforter is super soft and luxurious, not to mention toasty and warm. Even after washing, the comforter held its shape and still looked beautiful. My daughter and I are both very happy with this set, but it's only one of the amazon dorm room essentials available from DormCo. Here are a few others items that should be on any new student's wish list. 

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