Friday, July 29, 2016


Get ready for nonstop fun with the family-friendly film The Adventures of Panda Warrior, arriving on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand August 2 from Lionsgate. Rob Schneider (Norm of the North), Haylie Duff (Napoleon Dynamite)Norm MacDonald (Grown Ups), Lauren Elizabeth (YouTube star “LoLuFullyLoaded”), and Tom Kenny (TV’s “SpongeBob SquarePants”) round out the all-star cast of brave warriors on a quest to save their kingdom. Awarded the DOVE Family Seal of Approval, The Adventures of Panda Warrior DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

When Patrick (Schneider), a peaceful soldier from ancient China, is magically transported to Merryland and turned into a Panda, he must join forces with Peggy the flying pig (Elizabeth), GoGo the daring goat (Duff), and King Leo the courageous lion (MacDonald) in order to free the once-peaceful world from the tyranny of the evil nine-headed snake that has enslaved them.

·     “Bringing the Characters to Life: At the Recording Studio with Rob Schneider, Norm MacDonald, Haylie Duff, Lauren Elizabeth, and Tom Kenny” Featurette
·     Award-Winning Miniscule Bonus Episodes
*Subject to change

My Thoughts 

The Adventures of Panda Warrior is an animated film about a panda named Patrick. He's a peace-loving soldier from China, but finds himself in a different world when he is magically transported to Merryland.  Peggy the Flying Pig and Gogo the Daring Goat enlist his assistance  to help free their once peaceful land from the hands of the evil snake who has taken them captive. A nine-headed snake is a little scary, but Patrick lives up the challenge and faces many dangers along the way as he learns that it means to be a real hero. 
This was a really cute movie. My children all enjoyed it, especially my youngest who loves anything with bears in it! The animation is well done, and the story line held their interest.   The other characters which include a goat, pig, and dog are very cute and funny as well. They've watched it three times already and it's quickly becoming a family favorite.