Friday, July 29, 2016

Send Your College Student to School with the Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip

College students need their coffee and consider it their life blood, but buying coffee by the cup can get expensive, especially for a student. The perfect solution is to send them back to school with a mini coffeemaker just for them. The new 
Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffeemaker would make the perfect gift for any coffee lovin' college student.  It allows then to brew their favorite blend fresh anytime they like.  Plus, it's compact so it won't take up a lot of room in the dorm.

I've been using this brewer for a few days now, and I love it. .With the Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip, there are a few advantages over other machines. You're still getting personalized coffee just for you, but it's not as large as a full size machine. On the flip side, five cups is better than one when you want to share with your roommate or study partner. You can use any type of coffee you like. Just measure it out to taste and you'll have the perfect pot everyday without creating a lot of excess waste or extra expense.

The Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip is simple to use. At the top you'll find the basket where you measure out the coffee. It has a permanent filter, so you won't need to worry about finding paper filters in the right size. Once you load it up with water and coffee, just press the button on the bottom. In minutes, you have a fresh brewed pot of coffee. Making coffee has never been easier, and you'll never have to stop at those expensive chain stores again. As as added bonus, there's a clock and timer on the machine which allows you to set it to brew your coffee automatically so it's ready when you wake up. You'll never be late for class again!

  To learn more about the 
Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip and all the machines available from Capressso, be sure to visit their website or follow them on face book. Capresso has tons of great ways to keep your favorite college student caffeinated and happy this school year.