Monday, July 11, 2016

Plush Puffs - Gourmet Marshmallows to Jazz Up Summer!

Plush Puffs are an all natural handmade flavored marshmallows that are the perfect addition to your family’s outdoor summer fun activities. These light, billowy puffs are delicious right out of the package or can be roasted over a campfire or stove to intensify their tastiness! 

With Plush Puffs, you can take the basic S’more up a notch with flavors like Chocolate Chipetta and Caramel Swirl or even create a S’more Nacho Platter with:

·         Graham cracker ‘chips’
·         Ooey gooey melted Plush Puffs marshmallows in one of their nine amazing flavors
·         A drizzle of melted chocolate 

You can rest easy knowing these gourmet marshmallows are made with all natural and low-fat ingredients; many varieties are free of gluten and high- fructose corn syrup, too. Plush Puffs are a healthy sweet treat the whole family will enjoy this summer!

My Thoughts 

I have always enjoyed marshmallows. They are great in a cup of hot chocolate and fun to make S'mores out of. I even love chocolate covered marshmallows. But I always thought that was about as far as my marshmallow fascination would go. Until I tried Plush Puffs. They have introduced me to a whole new world of gourmet marshmallows in a wide range of unique flavors.

For my review, I received three tasty varieties of marshmallows to try out and I am totally hooked. The first is the lemon meringue  flavored which are just the right flavor for summer. They are like an edible juice drink that is chewy and delicious. You can even add them to your hot tea. The Simply s'mores are like getting a yummy s'more without any mess. They  offer a unique and crunchy taste for the more adult palette with pieces of graham crackers actually inside the marshmallow. Finally, I tried the plain marshmallows. These we toasted at a bonfire and they came out a gooey, tasty perfection. The larger size makes them easy to toast without burning them. We loved them out of the bag too.

These are only a few examples of the flavors you can pick from at Plush Puffs. They also have Caramel Swirl, Pepp-mint, and Chocolate Chipetta  to name only a few. To keep up with the latest news, be sure to visit their website/ These gourmet marshmallows are a refreshing break from the norm and a fun treat for the whole family. Check them out and see what its like to chew on a cloud.