Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Natracare Organic & Natural Feminine Hygiene Review

Natracare (, providing organic hygiene products for over 25 years, offers organic wipes for everything. Most wipes contain harsh chemicals and perfumes that our skin doesn’t love. Natracare’s products are made from 100% cotton cloth and organic essential oils that leave your skin silky smooth.

  • Organic Baby Wipes: Why? 100% cotton baby wipes are infused with organic essential oils of chamomile, apricot, sweet almond oil and natural plant extracts. Leaves the skin refreshed and soft without the use of detergents.
  • Organic Cleansing Make Up Removal Wipes: Why? The strong organic cotton cloth is gentle but effective and can remove everything from lipstick to waterproof mascara. The natural oils clean your face and keep it smooth. 
  • Intimate Wipes: Why? Yes, these are amazing for travel!  100% cotton cloths are gentle and infused with organic essential oils and natural plant extracts. This formula is free of alcohol and detergents making your daily intimate hygiene easy and effective.  
How about organic tampons? Why should you choose organic tampons?
  • Conventional pads and tampons contain not only bleached cotton, a process that creates dioxins (carcinogenic), but also regular cotton that has been chemically treated (i.e. pesticides). It’s these chemicals that we place inside our bodies every month. 
  • The natural choice - Natracare’s line of high quality organic and natural feminine hygiene products, which are chlorine free, plastic free and made from biodegradable materials. Their pads and tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton and don’t use rayon, plastics or dyes. No chemicals here! 

Our Thoughts

Our world overuses products with an insane amount of chemicals in them. What we put into and onto our bodies is essential to our health and women often don't think twice about tampons during that time of the month. We're just used to using them without question. You really have to think of the long-term repercussions of using chemicals inside your most delicate lady bits. It affects your health and reproductive health too. There are many natural options that are better than conventional tampons and Natracare is one of them!

Natracare's tampons look and feel just like your normal store-bought tampons that you're familiar with. There's not a learning curve here as they are used and inserted just like you always have. The important factor is that it's better for your body. There aren't chemicals that are going to harm you and you can rest assure your body is being taken care of. These fit exactly the same and there are different sizes depending on your needs. They worked perfectly and there are also pads that you can purchase from them too if that is the route you like to go. Not only do they have the tampons, but there are many items on their website that features organic care for our bodies and babies too!

Buy yours here and check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

Reviewed by Jackie


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