Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Affection with puppies, When is it too much?

The first thing you probably want to do after bringing home an adorable new puppy is pick it up and cuddle it non-stop. To create and enhance a bond with this new family member, you need to show lots of love and affection. Although the majority of affection you show to your new puppy is great, at times, it needs to be held back.
Showing Your Puppy Affection is Crucial
As you already have noticed with your new little canine, they are experts at showing affection. During their time with the litter, they learned to tail-wag, lick, and nudge when they wanted to communicate. Now, this affectionate communication is passed to you. The love and affection you give your puppy during puppy training shows them they are now part of your family and that they belong. It also strengthens the bond being built between you. However, providing them with affection at times which are inappropriate can teach bad behavior to your puppy. For example, when your furry little friend is playing too rough, or barking for no apparent reason, or not obeying during puppy training, do not give them affection.
Affection Used for Positive Reinforcement
Dogs love when they are shown affection, such as rubbing their bellies or behind their ears, praising or petting them. And because of this, behavior your puppy displays which they receive affection for is reinforced. You may believe that most of their behavior is random or them being funny, but they have been learning from the very moment you brought them home. For example, when you potty train a puppy if you show them affection immediately after they make a mess on the floor, this behavior is reinforced.
While you are puppy training, use of affection at the wrong times can hurtful to their progress. There is no such thing as too much affection, provided it is given at the right times.
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